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Yeah, and you thought it was a mess in here before. I'm in the process of building out my new website so it's gonna be rough for a while.

Get ready for a major remodel, folks. We're back in hardware mode.

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Explorer.exe Crashing on Windows 10 RS4/RS5 Builds

Published on Thursday, 26 April 2018

UPDATE (2018-05-16): Microsoft just released a new build of RS5 (17672) that they say resolves this issue. You can find the blog post here. To test, be sure to remove the EnableActivityFeed value of 0 below that you may have created to work around this issue.

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Hiring Developers the Fun and Easy Way!

Published on Tuesday, 28 November 2017

This is the internet and people have opinions here, right? Cool, because I do too. And man, do I have opinions on Silicon Valley and the "culture" perpetuated by Valley-inhabited and -esque companies. So let's start with the way they hire people, and why I like doing things my way instead.

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HAND TURKEYS Y'ALL (And Why Kids Have It All Figured Out)

Published on Friday, 10 November 2017

UPDATE (2017-11-13 10:15 AM EST): Changing the time! To allow more people to participate globally, we're gonna do it earlier in the day. Still on Friday, November 17th, but now we're doing it at 1:30 PM EST (10:30 AM PST, 6:30 PM UTC, even earlier so you better pull an all nighter:30 AM AEDT).

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